Blow Up Your Video

  • Produced by Harry Vanda & George Young
  • Released in January 1988
  • Simon Wright's last album with AC/DC

    Heatseeker (Young-Young-Johnson)
    That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Meanstreak (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Go Zone (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Kissin' Dynamite (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Nick Of Time (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Some Sin For Nuthin' (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Ruff Stuff (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Two's Up (Young-Young-Johnson)
    This Means War (Young-Young-Johnson)

    Angus Young (Lead Guitar)
    Malcolm Young (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals)
    Brian Johnson (Lead Vocals)
    Cliff Williams (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals)
    Simon Wright (Drums)

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