Fly On The Wall

  • You are listening to the riff from Track 1 of this album
  • Produced by Malcolm Young & Angus Young
  • Released in June 1985
  • AC/DC's first album with Simon Wright

    Fly On The Wall (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Shake Your Foundations (Young-Young-Johnson)
    First Blood (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Danger (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Sink The Pink (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Playing With Girls (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Stand Up (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Hell Or High Water (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Back In Business (Young-Young-Johnson)
    Send For The Man (Young-Young-Johnson)

    Angus Young (Lead Guitar)
    Malcolm Young (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals)
    Brian Johnson (Lead Vocals)
    Cliff Williams (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals)
    Simon Wright (Drums)