Maximum Overdrive

During the 1985 American tour, AC/DC were approached by top horror writer Stephen King, a huge AC/DC fan, who'd asked whether he could use some old material for the soundtrack of his forthcoming movie “Maximum Overdrive”. He also suggested the band record some new tracks exclusively for the film.

The band agreed and recording took place at Compass Point Studios in Nassau when the US Tour had been completed. For the first time since “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It”, Harry Vanda and George Young produced the new material. In just two weeks they recorded three new songs: “Who Made Who”, “D.T.” and “Chase The Ace”.

The video, directed by David Mallet, was filmed at the Brixton Academy in South London at the end of February. Hundreds of fans had been recruited from all over Britain to act as extras on the set wearing specially made Angus uniforms.

On May 3, “Who Made Who” was issued, becoming the band's biggest hit in years as it soared to No. 16 in the UK charts. A month later, the album reached No. 11 in Britain. In America, the album only reached No. 33.

On the back of the film's appearance in the US, AC/DC again took the road in July. Originally planned to finish in September, the demand for extra dates prolonged the US tour until November.

At the end of the tour, the band took a two-month break before beginning the recording sessions for their next album.