The Razors Edge

  • You are listening to the riff from Track 1 of this album
  • Produced by Bruce Fairbairn
  • Released in September 1990
  • AC/DC's first album with Chris Slade

    Thunderstruck (Young-Young)
    Fire Your Guns (Young-Young)
    Moneytalks (Young-Young)
    The Razors Edge (Young-Young)
    Mistress For Christmas (Young-Young)
    Rock Your Heart Out (Young-Young)
    Are You Ready (Young-Young)
    Got You By The Balls (Young-Young)
    Shot Of Love (Young-Young)
    Lets Make It (Young-Young)
    Goodbye & Good Riddance To Bad Luck (Young-Young)
    If You Dare (Young-Young)

    Angus Young (Lead Guitar)
    Malcolm Young (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals)
    Brian Johnson (Lead Vocals)
    Cliff Williams (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals)
    Chris Slade (Drums)

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